Uncertainty Gem Blog

Life isn’t always what it seems. Uncertainty can be a challenge.

Our own uncertainty can blind us to what is actually there in areas such as the value of our own self-worth or the ability to really see our own abilities. As humans, we are often taught to see uncertainty as a challenge. It can become an obstacle in our confidence stream, an interference in what’s important, and other areas of our lives. Sometimes we focus on our own “deficits”, but yet see the riches of others’ talents and abilities. Perhaps think we will never measure up – until that one special person we meet helps us to clear our vision of the often hidden obstacles in our lives. At that time, we might view the uncertainty challenge in a more positive light. Addressing the uncertainty challenge may become more of an adventure.

We are much more than what we see. If we saw ourselves as others see us, we would be amazed. If we looked at ourselves in the mirror, removed our biased blindfold to see us as others see us, we would realize that there is beauty and talent in the reflection of the person we see, not the flaws we thought we saw. We would see things like:

  • a person with experience – who has overcome challenges in the past.
  • a person with a bright future – when choosing to turn the light on.
  • a person who sees imperfections (not “flaws”) as a chance to grow and bloom
  • a person of rare gem quality – who is in the polishing process and becoming even more radiant with each stroke of the experiential cloth


We are all in some area of the uncertainty challenge process. By giving up or feeling overpowered, we permit ourselves to throw this raw gem into a dark corner in hopes that it goes away – never to be seen again. However, we can feel free to use this gem as an opportunity for a new life adventure. We can turn the dull, raw gem of uncertainty into a polished beautiful gem of certainty. By overcoming our own uncertainty, we begin to polish our raw gem so that we can use it and allow its brilliance to help light our way to the next level in finding how valuable and special we really are.


If you need someone to help you get started in the polishing process of this uncertainty gem, feel free to contact me. You can use the contact page to send me a message.


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