Happiness: Wants v. Needs – Blog

We all want things and we all need things. Or do we?


Are we looking at these things with a clear view? Do we want or need a new car? Do we want a bigger house or do we need one? Why? Sometimes our perspectives are on target. For example, if my current car is singing its death song and is costing more to fix than get a newer one, I might consider that I need a new car. Now, the question becomes, do I get the “top of the line with all the bells and whistles” or do I get something more practical/serviceable for my family needs? Perhaps, my children now have lives and homes of their own and no longer live with me. On a fixed income, I’m spending more for the house bills than I can add to my retirement savings. Perhaps I need someplace else…. Perhaps I want a million (or more) dollars, but though it’s great, will it really bring me happiness and a sense of personal fulfillment? Perhaps it will… or perhaps it will bring more pressures…. Perhaps I love the “simple life” when I go on vacation, but would I still love it on a more permanent level? If this what I really want? Is this what I really need?


We often buy into what is needed because we actually need it. We buy into what is not needed because others tell us we need to do it, or because we have convinced ourselves to listen to others’ persuasions that we need it.

high angle view of cityscape against cloudy sky
Photo by Quintin Gellar on Pexels.com
  • Do things really make us happy or is it a status thing?
  • Do these things really have true meaning to us, bring us joy, or help us to live our best life?
  • Are these things what we have been either led or convinced ourselves to believe is important, but do not bring us happiness or fulfillment?


photo of wooden house near lake
Photo by Luke Miller on Pexels.com


If we want to know the answers, we have to look truthfully inside ourselves. If we like and feel good about what we see and hear, wonderful! If we don’t like it, do we really want to change so that we like it and feel good (or are very happy)?  It’s up to us to be happy with ourselves and have a meaningful, fulfilled life. What we need vs. what we want is a question for us order to achieve our happiness.


If we want to change something in our lives so that we have that sense of life value, we can make that change.



If you find you would like to make changes in your life and feel the need for someone to assist you with personal support while you are changing, feel free to use the contact page to message me. 



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