Helping you to help yourself overcome hidden obstacles to help you get what you want out of life, despite your limitations.

— Dr. Mary Ann Costantini


Why should you consider coming to see me?

  • Because you pride yourself on your independence, may be embarrassed to seek professional help, but will feel safest with someone who specializes in the types of hidden issues I’ve identified in this website 
  • Because you have been searching for new and creative ways to become more positive or successful despite your personal history and nothing else has worked
  • Because you already know why you suffer from the adversities you do but are ready to learn how to finally overcome them
  • Because you require a boost to conquer personal or professional challenges that you may have kept hidden from others
  • Because you long to lead a healthier and more fulfilled life and have discovered that the resources that have been available to you until now have failed you miserably


How would I help you?

I am a creative problem solver.  I specialize in the hidden challenges I’ve identified in this website because I have mastered many of the same issues.  Unlike other counselors and therapists, I don’t impose my own values or suggest you spend an inordinate amount of time telling me your whole story.  We will work efficiently and effectively to get you up and running at your optimum in the shortest time possible. 




What makes me different from other Counselors?

  • I specialize in hidden challenges that can often breed feelings of shame, discomfort, or uncertainty
  • I don’t:
    • Diagnose psychological conditions
    • Counsel individuals in crisis or are already a patient of a licensed psychologist, or psychiatrist.
    • Tell you what to do or make decisions for you



Issues I can help you with:

  • Identifying what wellness means to you in the context of your adversities
  • Determining a life plan that makes your heart sing
  • Alleviating fears
  • Increasing motivation
  • Overcoming internal and external personal obstacles
  • Setting and achieving goals 
  • Serving as your accountability partner
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Managing time so that your activities are aligned with your values
  • Learning how to say “no” in a way that is not threatening
  • Mastering new coping skills that can be used during precarious situations
  • Ascertaining how to communicate in a way that creates and maintains more harmony and less drama
  • Finding creative ways to accept everything that feels unacceptable to you
  • Abandoning negative patterns 
  • Adopting new, more positive perspective (of your choosing)
  • Transitioning from one phase of your life to another with more grace and ease


What are the ways in which I can work with you?

You can book a face-to face session if you live locally.  Or, if you live further away or simply prefer the convenience of a virtual session, I am happy to book a telephone, Facetime, or Skype session for you, instead.


Who, exactly, is your clientele and why do you work with that demographic?



blue wheel chairs
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Disabled – Those with disabilities, those who have a disabled family member, or those who work with a disabled population all have special needs. I have worked with people enduring disabling conditions over the course of many years.  I understand how challenges can impact daily living and how coming to a place of acceptance can require some support.  Because I have a few disabilities myself, I also understand how necessary it is to personalize protocols for each individual based on their issues.



woman writing on dry erase board
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Students and Educators – It is essential that students and educators alike discover new ways to adjust and adapt to changes in their environments.  I am particularly adept in helping anyone in the field of education to overcome challenges that inevitably arise in this changing world we live in. 




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People desiring to improve their well-being – Individuals who are otherwise well-functioning adults but who happen to endure hidden obstacles, often require new skill sets in order to alleviate old patterns of thinking and behavior and traditional therapy does not provide wellness-oriented education, which is why I specialize in it.



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Veterans – As a former active duty Marine, and as someone who has all five of the military branches represented in my family, I understand veterans and their military lifestyles and concerns. Service to country has unique situations. Coming home and returning to civilian life can also be challenging for veterans and their families.



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Organizations – I  have consulted with both for-profit and non-profit organizations to assist them in ensuring that their concerns be handled in a manner that is both expedient and efficient. This includes working with personnel so that they can become aware of and adept in handling the hidden challenges that can arise in the workplace.  I provide both one-on-one and group trainings.


How might I help a group you are affiliated with?

  • I provide trainings and consultations for team members regarding disabling conditions
  • I assist staff and management in learning how to work with customers and clients with disabling conditions




What does it cost?

  1. Free 60 minute phone consultation.
  2. Regular rate 
    • Regular single session and packaged session rate options are discussed when you sign up for your introductory offer. 
    • Regular Sessions are 60 minutes.



Contact me for your free consultation by visiting my contact page and message me today to find out how I can help you.