Thank you for your service, Veterans. You have offered your self, time, and talents to protect and defend those of your country.  You and your family have offered so much to us all.

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After your military life, you again transition to civilian life. Sometimes this is not as easy as some might think. You may have noticed that transitioning to civilian life is may not have been as easy as you might have thought it was going to be.  Re-entering the civilian world definitely has its challenges. Most veterans address their bosses as “Sir” and “Ma’am,” for example, and getting “squared away” when preparing for employment and other duties.  However, adjustment back to the civilian world is much more than that. the changes run deeper. I suspect you seriously take your commitment of “getting the job done” and of supporting others; upholding the values that were either instilled or enhanced while you were on active duty. 


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Sometimes it takes a while to realize that there are people around that can actually understand.  I was a veteran and I am well aware of the personal adjustments that you have had to make that most counselors are unaware of.  Please allow me the honor of serving you as you make your adjustments – whether it is back into civilian world or personal adjustments that help make you more successful in overcoming personal challenges.