Changes in life happen to all of us. Some changes, we see coming, while others are unexpected.

Sometimes they are joyful like:

  • Weddings,
  • Birth of a child,
  • Going back to school,
  • Graduations,
  • New job,
  • Moving into the home of your dreams,
  • and other beautiful events.

Sometimes transitions are more difficult, like:

  • An empty nest,
  • Increased stresses,
  • Job loss,
  • Becoming disabled,
  • Death of a loved one,
  • And other challenges that enter our lives.

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How you handle such changes and challenges during the difficult times depends on upon whether you had healthy and resilient role models and whether you were taught good coping skills. Unfortunately, many people were not so fortunate.


img_0080If you need to enhance some vitally essential life skills to help with the transitions occurring in your life, visit my contact page and message me today to find out how I can help you.  









“The sessions were supportive and encouraging. I was able to understand that fear and anxiety were underlying obstacles in transitioning from job loss. Realistic goal setting and problem solving helped me to move forward.  Thank you for your help.” —  Barbara R. 


“I have sought Dr. Costantini’s guidance on several occasions. She was a huge help to me when I started back to school as a non-traditional student. I was able to organize and balance my family and school responsibilities and keep things in perspective so that I was successful.” —LW