Everyone is different.  We all have hopes and dreams. As humans, we need these. We all have something we strive to achieve.


Sometimes, this includes surviving this world – nothing more; simple for some is better for them to thrive. Sometimes it includes wanting all the newest gadgets, amenities, and other neat little “wants”, but not necessarily needs. As we gather things or experiences, we become excited and joyful that we have something new in our lives, be it a new milestone, job, car, home, technology, clothes, award, that certain person, etc.


If we don’t get that new desired element in our lives, we might complain that things aren’t going our way. We forget about what we have and focus on the new thing. We might look at others and begin to “wish” we could have what someone else has. We might forget what we already have, or perhaps simply dismiss it because of the focus for the new. We forget to appreciate our lives, experiences, and even the accomplishment of overcoming an obstacle.


We forget (even for a short while) that for all of us, our life is a journey. We change because of our experiences. We make choices to better ourselves and our lives. There will always be someone who has more/better than us, and always be someone who has less – more difficulties or challenges – than us. We all have lost and we all have gained. Do we appreciate those challenges in our lives or just the “better/non-challenging” times or experiences?


A long while back, I heard something that made such an impression, that I have remembered it all these years. It is:

“I used to complain that I had no shoes – until I met a man who had no feet.”   –Anonymous


What are you appreciating today?