Appreciation Blog

Too often, we get busy or envious of other’s achievements and forget to appreciate and celebrate our own. We

  • see (and potentially want) what others have, but do not see their trials, work and progression.
  • see in our own minds the end result of a project or goal and can feel the “rush” in order gain the end product, rather than appreciate our own efforts to that achievement.
  • grudgingly acknowledge or often complain about the process, but forget that every step in the journey holds valuable lessons for us.
  • tend to forget about the “little” victories in our journey
  • focus only on the setbacks and major victories and forget that there are so many good parts in-between


Because of these (and quite possibly more that are not mentioned here), we forget to truly appreciate what we have and are experiencing.

  • Obstacles teach us to think, opportunity for more patience, and problem solve.
  • Trials can help us focus on the important things and increase our patience, strength, and perseverance.
  • Setbacks can let us know that no human is “always right” and helps us grow and learn
  • Small gains are quite often the steps to larger gains, taking us closer to our goals.


Some days, we might wish for a magic wand so we can “zap” whatever it is and it would instantaneously be changed to what we desire. However, magic wands would not really allow us to enjoy and truly experience our journey that way. With each step of the process, we have achieved something. Have we recognized what that “something is”?  Were we willing to take a look at this achievement and celebrate it?


Yes, there are times when we would all like something more in our lives. I guess that’s why we have goals. It’s good to be content in knowing that things are going forward and we are where we need to be at this point in life. We are achieving our goals and learning more of life’s lessons in the process. Perhaps you can ask yourself:  How am I appreciating and celebrating the achievements in my life?



Without knowing non-success,

we cannot know true success when it comes….

Without Appreciation,

we might find it difficult to experience

happiness and contentment

in our successes

along our journey.




(See my blog on Acceptance to read about my own disability.)


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