Hiding Our Light

Quite often we, (women especially) are taught to be helpful to others. We are rewarded for being a “good” woman who helps others, does things for others, cleans up others’ “mess”, make others feel better, etc. We learn to extend a helping hand to those in our lives. This often creates stress for ourselves, which can have an effect on our thinking, health, and behaviors. Because of our all training, expectations, and experiences, we often feel “responsible” for others, and continue trying to help them. Often this will lead us to think (and sometimes feel) like we should help others to change, and because of this, we often tend to ignore our own needs and light so that others will shine.


When this happens, we might take on too much, spread ourselves too thin, to assist others, no matter what we feel like. We might also not tell others of our discontent or hurt because we don’t want to bother or concern others. We are seen as the “strong” one, often taking on more responsibility than we think we are doing. We often feel tired, stressed, perhaps even physically ill and not know or understand why.


We develop hidden obstacles to our own happiness. Without knowing it, we have created some of these obstacles for ourselves. If you would like to have help in removing some of these obstacles from your life, please contact me at the address below.