About the Director

Grad & Young


My name is Dr. Mary Ann Costantini. I am an Educational Psychologist, Personal Development Consultant, and Certified Life Coach.  I am also a licensed Ohio educator who has worked with people of all ages and currently teach psychology at the college level.

My private practice is used to help guide adults who are undergoing some sort of transition in their lives and to help themselves be more positive in getting what they want and need in their lives.  

As a counselor, advisor, and educator, I am well aware of the impact that identifying life lessons can make on a life. I work with my clients in a way that (while absolutely respecting privacy) helps them to gain new insights and perspectives about issues where they might simply feel stuck or confused. 

Why would you consider working with me?   What makes me “different (unique)”?  Some of the ways that I have helped others includes (but is not limited to)  the ability to help people:

  • Deal with their personal adjustments
  • Increase their ability to
    • see a new or different perspective
    • improve personal organizational skills
  • Become more
    • adaptable
    • balanced
    • compassionate and self-compassionate toward yourself and others
    • creative 
    • honest with yourself and others
    • motivated
    • positive
  • Become less judgmental
  • etc.

I have worked many years with individuals as well as various institutions. Often, it is challenging to know how to deal with personal hidden challenges or work with these staff because of these challenges. I was able to help guide them because of my knowledge and varied experiences.

If you are in a situation that prevents you from feeling like your journey is stagnant, I can help you to move forward in whichever direction you’d like to go so that you can rekindle that excitement in Your journey.