Stepping Out – Blog

Stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy.  We leave the comfortable, yet still, area in order to try new things, experience new situations, make changes in ourselves, and move forward with our lives.


In some respects, it can feel like a daunting uncertainty. We often ask others whom we trust about this upcoming change. We look at the various aspects and possibilities. We re-think positions. Finally, mustering courage, we step off that comfort spot, taking that first (scary, but crucial) step. Then, we take another…. Then another…. With each step, we gain assurance and confidence. We find we really are moving forward. We open ourselves to learning and experiencing something new. We often find that what we gain, we begin using to take the next step. As time continues and steps pass, we overcome those fears, hesitations, and uncertainties, often surpassing what we once thought possible for ourselves. We discover we have added a new level (a new dimension) to our own possibilities. We can do more than originally thought. Because of overcoming that barrier that kept us in place, we find ourselves truly free to continue exploring and enjoying other aspects of our life, and the world beyond.


None of this would happen if we didn’t take that first step.



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