Chameleons Blog

I had a conversation with a friend the other day. We got on the topic of how we as humans can blend-in with our environment or stand out. It reminded me of a chameleon. As I thought about it, I began to see how we are like the little creatures. We can hide who we really are if we choose or we can boldly go forward so that we can be recognized. We adapt to our surroundings according to the culture or situation we are in.


I have, like so many of you, consciously changed my behaviors according to my situation. When at work, I have had to be a team player – one of the crowd (blending in) to pull my work with others’ to get the job done. I have changed my own “coloring” to a “uniform” standard. (There’s no “I” in “team”.) I, like you, have blended in with the crowd in many situations where I was just one of many. I also become part of my environment when I learn, observe, or just want to stay “unnoticed”.


I have also struck out in the limelight of teaching, volunteer leadership, etc. where those students, administrators, parents, and community members saw me in some type of leadership position (keeping my true colors of who I am as a teacher/leader). At times, I didn’t bother camouflaging myself because I am who I am. I have a service dog, so hiding my disability really isn’t an option. I’m not sure I know too many moms that can “hide” from their children.


We also make our changing ability evident when we are dealing with thoughts and emotions. Some we hide; some we do not. We all have been there. We all choose to blend or be visible.


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