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As a professional, I have had it confirmed and re-confirmed multiple times that every individual has valuable talents and abilities – even when some of those abilities are hidden from others’ view.


The other day, a friend enrolled in an online training and was really excited about it. During the training, disappointment appeared. Though the visuals were great, she was not able to hear the presenter during explained of the visuals (they spoke off camera). She searched for a transcript of the training…but there was none. Therefore, she didn’t get the full benefit from the program.


Most people can raise the volume. However, there are many folks who cannot simply because of hearing difficulties. For example, some people

  • must rely on visuals or reading speech.
  • have hearing difficulties who can hear some sounds and not others.
  • are totally deaf.
  • can hear noises/sounds, but cannot understand speech.
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There are those with severe vision difficulties, so though they hear the audio presentation, the visuals are not easily accessed. Perhaps someone has epilepsy (another hidden condition). Some visuals and sounds initiate a seizure.

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Often, those with personal challenges appear just like everyone else. They us e-mails, texts, carry on conversations, help others, make purchases, etc. As business people, we can’t assume that everyone is the same. As a professional who works with those with different abilities, I see this way too often. With some adjustments in how we present information, we can reach, and help, even more people.


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If you would like to talk with me about how you can reach out to more individuals with challenges in your trainings, feel free to visit my website ( Simply go to the contact section and leave me a message.


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