Time Management Ideas

We often find ourselves out of time for things we want to do. Here are a few ideas that might help.


Schedule – Mark down in your datebook (not just work, classes, doctor appointments, ball games, etc.) what you want to do for yourself.

  • Relaxation
  • Time with family and friends
  • “Me Time”
  • Book time
  • Gardening
  • Walk about


Blank Spots in our schedule. Sometimes, we see blank spots and feel obligated to fill that spot. It’s OK not to have a “full” schedule. So schedule in things for yourself as well as “blank spots”. Things come up in life that are often unforeseen. These blank spots help you allow for such times.


“No” – Saying No can sometimes be difficult because we have “extra time”. We also might not readily use it when someone approaches us because of a need that they have. We need to have discretion. Some things are important and we do what we need to do while other things, not so much. Don’t be afraid to say this word occasionally. You are important, too.


Ditch Distractions – Eliminate what is keeping you from succeeding.

  • Unplug occasionally. Schedule time for plugging in and then walk away.
  • Declutter and organize your environment and your mind. Get rid of the “junk”.


Self Care – If you are not well, you cannot be there for yourself or others.

  • Take needed breaks
  • Get proper sleep and nourishment
  • Allow time for yourself Take a Fun day or build Fun time into your weekly schedule. We all need to relax and recharge.
  • Take a family outing – It doesn’t have to be anything major. It can be mini day trips or just having fun at home with family.
  • Connect with friends


Delegate – You don’t have to do it all. Allow someone else the privilege of helping and pulling their own loads.


Plan – Plan ahead. It’s no fun to be so far behind you think you’re first….


Set Goals – It’s great to have big goals, but it takes longer to achieve these. If you set smaller goals, you can see the accomplishments add up. This feels great and adds to you motivation.


Create positive habits.

  • Use time wisely
    • Eliminate the constant technology interruptions. (alerts from phone, e-mail, etc.)
  • Turn Procrastination into Proaction – Go for it Today rather than waiting for tomorrow.
  • Have fun watching the items on your “to-do” list being crossed off.
  • Remember kindness – to yourself and others.


Use Color – Color helps focus your attention on important things. The use of color immediately lets you see what type of event is coming up in our schedule. For example: blue – work schedule/shifts, yellow – appointments, green – kid’s sporting events, etc.